Strong Scented Soy Wax Candles or Melts
Strong Scented Soy Wax Candles or Melts- Strong Scented Soy Wax Candles or Melts- Strong Scented Soy Wax Candles or Melts-

You can choose from our 8 oz soy candle comes in our classic mason jar - the crowd favorite. Its simplicity is suited for all styles of decor and will look perfect on your kitchen counter or mantle. It's neutral which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.


Wax Melts, 2.75 oz, 6 cube clamshell pack and are fragrant for many days of use.


* Sweater Weather - Soft and bold at once, blending sweet and spicy notes over a smoky woody base. Notes of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, leather, cashmere and smoky woods.
* Home for the Holidays - is a sophisticated fall fragrance with an invigorating spice. Fragrant notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel blend with the clove and black tea while baked pumpkin, vanilla and graham cracker add a creamy, toasty character.
* Hot Cocoa - has a warm aroma without being too sweet; it draws you in with it's notes of Caramelized Sugar, Nutmeg and Custard that's reminiscent of enjoying hot cocoa in a french bakery.
* Holiday Cheer - Festive aromas including; red currant, frasier fir & crisp apple. As well as earthy undercurrents, and a woody, fir balsam core that makes you think “Christmastime.”
* Cinnamon Sugar Donut - Nostalgic of holiday baking, this candle is bursting with notes of warm sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar & nutmeg; like something sweet is in grandma's oven.
* Coconut Pumpkin Latte - A delicious fall fragrance with invigorating spice flourish. Fragrant top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel intermingle with the clove and black coffee. Baked pumpkin makes up the heart of the fragrance, while vanilla and graham cracker base notes add a creamy, toasty character.

About Our Candles

Each Simple Country Life candle is hand poured using pure, American grown soy wax infused with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils with a braided cotton wick. From curating the collections, to blending the fragrance oils, setting the wick, pouring the wax, and placing the labels, each Simple Country Life candle is carefully handcrafted in our home studio. We keep it simple here, pouring in small batches to ensure quality (and because it's mostly just me).

Candle Care

Follow these steps to ensure a clean, even burn and maximize the life of your candle. With proper care, this 8 oz candle has a burn time of 45+ hours.

Trim that wick! Trim it to 1/4" before every burn, including the first one. A properly trimmed wick is crucial. Wick trimmers are amazing little tools that cut the wick to size, and even better, it collects the trimmings. Scissors will do the trick also. If you need to, you can break off the wick with your fingers, but that can be messy. 

Always allow your candle to reach a full melt pool, this happens when the wax melts clear to the edges of the jar. It takes about two hours for this to happen. Extinguishing your candle too soon can cause the candle to tunnel during the next burn, and we don't want that.

Limit the length of each burn to no more than 4 hours at a time and never ever leave a burning candle unattended.


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